Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday: 11 am & 730 pm

Holy Thursday: 8 pm – Adoration in the Living Room

 Good Friday Service: 5 pm

Easter Vigil: 8 pm – Student reception in the Living Room

Easter: 11 am ONLY! – Brunch in Great Hall

Aquinas House is the Catholic Student Center at Dartmouth College, a community where students may nurture their faith and grow in holiness. By actively demonstrating the importance of religion to our daily lives, AQ students become positive role models for the wider campus community. Students not only come to understand their faith, but to articulate it for others who may not share their views. Most importantly, through worship, prayer, service, and fellowship, students draw ever closer to the person of Jesus Christ.


Sunday: 11 AM & 7:30 PM Confessions at 7 pm

M, T, W, F: 5 pm

Th.: 8pm following Adoration & Confession at 7 pm

Our Lent/Easter Schedule is Available – find it under our “Sacraments” bookmark!


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What are our students saying? From our Newsletter!!

About Service?  From Paul Kim ’17! My name is Paul Kim and I am a member of the class of 2017.  Looking back on my Sophomore fall I can see […]

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