Student Leadership

Aquinas House leaders are students who are committed to AQ and desire to be directly involved in its programming. Rooted in faith, charity, and hospitality, they help cultivate a strong sense of Christian community at AQ. For more detailed information, please contact

Student Leadership Committees

  • Community Dinner | The Community Dinner Committee is critical in creating and cultivating our sense of community. This committee strives to create diverse and healthy menus each week at AQ Community Dinners throughout the term.
  • Faith & Reason | The Faith and Reason Group seeks to investigate the truths of the faith in accord with reason, so as to come to know our Lord more deeply and to witness to him more readily. Student leaders assist with choosing general topics for each term and for planning the weekly meetings. Student leaders may also be involved in helping to plan guest speakers and lectures at Aquinas House.
  • Liturgy | The Liturgy Committee is intended to assist with the organization and scheduling of those who volunteer to serve as readers and the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion (EM’s) at the Sunday Masses and other special liturgies throughout the year.
  • Men’s Group | The AQ Men’s Group seeks to build a community of men who are seeking to grow closer to Christ to grow in virtue and holiness. In meeting together, we seek to continue to deepen our spiritual lives and understanding of the faith, as well as serving our community and enjoying one another’s fraternity.
  • Outreach | The Outreach Committee at Aquinas House works with the AQ staff to plan and coordinate events that seek to develop a sense of intentional community within AQ and the wider Dartmouth community. Student leaders reach out to new students and upperclassmen that are unfamiliar with AQ, but they are particularly attentive to first year students.
  • Service | This committee is a means by which students are encouraged to draw connections between faith and action, especially living the Catholic Social Teaching of ‘Preferential Option for the Poor.’ The Service Committee coordinates service opportunities and social justice oriented projects for students during their academic term. They also seek to make the service trips meaningful experiences for both the communities that welcome AQ into their homes and the students who serve in them.
  • Social | At AQ, we understand that our programming includes creating opportunities for students to meet one another, grow in friendship, and simply have fun. In order to facilitate these experiences, the Social Committee plans events at AQ and coordinates with students within the AQ community to attend Dartmouth-wide events. Social outings (or in house gatherings) are meant to be a time to relax and gather as a community to build relationship.
  • Women’s Group | The Women’s Group provides an opportunity for the women of AQ to grow in love of God and neighbor. By regularly gathering together for fellowship, conversation, and prayer, we aim to strengthen our faith and support the members of our community.

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