About Us

Aquinas House, affectionately known as 'AQ' among students and alumni, is the Catholic Student Center at Dartmouth College. We are dedicated to serving the student community of Dartmouth and the members of our Upper Valley community.

Our Mission

The mission of AQ is to promote an authentic encounter with the person of Jesus Christ through an adult expression of the Catholic faith. This expression is lived through celebration of the liturgy and participation in the sacraments, regular service and retreats, faith discussion groups, and social events that aim to build community. The primary goal of this programming is to provide opportunities for students to grow in love of God and neighbor, empowering them to live their faith most fully both while at college and upon graduation.

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Our Story

Officially founded in 1953, our earliest roots date back to the establishment of the local Newman Club in 1924.

The Newman Club at St. Denis in Hanover, NH was originally founded for Catholic students attending Dartmouth College. The pastor at the time, Fr. John Sliney, coordinated with Catholic faculty at the college to cultivate the Club. Decades later, a young priest named Fr. Bill Nolan would renew the community as The Aquinas House.

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