liturgical ministry

AQ encourages students to contribute to the liturgical life of our community, to be leaders in the Church and witnesses to their fellow classmates. Whether a student has served in their parish for years or has no prior experience, basic training will be offered to all interested in taking on a role.


As lectors, students proclaim the Word of God and guide the community in prayer.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion or EMs help distribute the Body and Blood of Christ.

Musicians & Choir

Each term, students volunteer in our liturgical choir.


Our Outreach Committee seeks to invite present and incoming students into our way of life during various projects throughout the academic year.

Freshman Orientation

Help reach out to undergraduates even before they arrive on campus through a summer letter writing program where current students contact the incoming class to welcome them home. Other events include: trips to Hanover, game night, and a Mass of the Holy Spirit before the first day of classes.

Emmaus Program

As Christ walked with the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus, we pair freshman with a mentor to walk together, seek Christ, share experiences, and food as well! This begins in the fall term with a launch party and ends with a FoCo dinner with all Emmaus pairs.


When each spring Dartmouth hosts incoming students for this weekend, AQ advertises our Mass schedule and events, and we host a table at the Student Involvement Fair. All visiting students are invited to participate in the life of our community while they are staying on campus.


Each term, students are invited to serve as retreat leaders. Some do so behind-the-scenes with scheduling, organizing and advertising to the AQ community. Others have more direct roles like facilitating small groups, leading community prayers, or sharing a witness talk.

Freshman Retreat

In the early fall, freshman are invited to a two-part retreat: a gathering on Friday evening with upperclassmen for dinner and a witness talk, then a hike the following day with Mass on the Mountain – a liturgy celebrated at the summit. This event is coordinated by student leaders in collaboration with the AQ staff.


This retreat is held at AQ on a Saturday, when students spend a full day in prayer  here at AQ as a day of prayer. Student leaders spend the interim planning and coordinating this experience for their fellow classmates.


Each spring, AQ ventures on an overnight retreat at Singing Hills Retreat Center in Claremont, NH. Student leaders help plan a prayerful experience for our community in which students can examine their relationship with God and deepen their faith. Mass, Adoration, and Confession are all offered on retreat. Students can also expect witness talks, small groups, and opportunities for silence.


Service programming at AQ seeks to embolden students to put their faith into action. With guidance from the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, students are encouraged to join in concrete ways of upholding the dignity of every person.

Dismas House

Dismas House of Hartford, VT is a community dedicated to supporting people transitioning out of the prison system. Our students help provide dinner for the Dismas community, as well as share a meal and conversation with them. Trips often take place on a weekday from 4-7PM.

Valley Terrace Assisted Living

Upper Valley Terrace is a community for senior citizens located in Norwich, VT. It provides housing for both people who are independent and people experiencing some form of memory loss. Students spend quality time with the residents during their visits. This trip is typically on Sundays from 2:40-5PM.

David's House

David’s House functions as a ‘home-away-from-home’ for families of children who are receiving medical care at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC). AQ students and staff sometimes volunteer to prepare meals for the families staying at David’s House. More often, they bake special desserts to surprise the children staying there. Baking is often scheduled for a Friday night or Saturday morning.

Upper Valley Haven​

Upper Valley Haven is a non-profit organization in White River Junction, VT that provides temporary housing and other services for people who are experiencing homelessness, unemployment, or underemployment. There is housing for both individuals and families, as well as services for children. AQ students and staff cook and share a meal with the guests at UVH. Trips are on weekdays from 4-7PM.