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Do you have a prayer that you want to share for people to pray for?  Feel free to leave your name or to leave it anonymous ( to do so – just type “Anonymous” in the Name Field).  This is a great way to create a virtual prayer chain!

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30 thoughts on “Prayer Petitions”

  1. Please pray for my son, Michael. He wishes to pursue a job in law enforcement as a police officer. He has gone on so many job interviews and nothing seems to be happening for him. He just received another rejection letter today. Please pray to the Dear Lord and someone will give him a chance and he will get be blessed with a permanent, full-time position as a police officer. He is becoming very discouraged as well as me. Please lift this petition up to the Lord and ask him to bless him with the best job in law enforcement anyone could ever ask for. Thank you so much for your prayers! His Mom.

  2. I humbly ask for your intercession that my mother, kuya Arvin and I’s visa applications may be approved. Pray that we may be guided as we undergo the upcoming visa interview and that the officers hearts and minds will be opened so that they may approve our applications.

  3. For all the seniors, the great class of ’15, that they may be safe as they prepare for commencement and their life beyond the Green, that they be grateful for the blessings God has bestowed upon them, that they be faithful to God’s Holy Catholic Church, and that they pray to Christ our Lord for grace, peace and direction.

  4. For the Friends and Family, as well as the soul, of Nina Brekelmans ’12, who lost her life in a tragic house fire. May they find peace and comfort.

  5. Please keep me in your prayers. I have had cancer and have 2 young children. May god grant me the blessing of a long life with them.

  6. pray that God will guide our homeschool family to choose the right course of action to be accepted at a university where my children will flourish. Dartmouth? AMDG

  7. Please pray for my son Luke. May he know that he is loved and may he like and love himself so he can help and care for others. Please guide Jim on the right path.
    Amen Thank You

  8. Pray for protection for my daughter from female boss and male supervisor. That they stop creating problems for her. She loves it where she works simply b/c she’s close to her daughter – in case of emergency she doesn’t have to drive as much. My granddaughter just went through horrible sickly ordeal and not out of the woods yet. My daughter is responsible at her job but her family comes first. She needs her job. Also for healing for my granddaughter and her Dad and now my daughter who has the flu. Thank you for prayers.

  9. Prayers of adoration, thanksgiving and petitions including all the prayers listed in this website.Also prayers for our priests and our brothers and sisters and intercessions of our Blessed Mother Mary. Please include my son Ej in your prayers for guidance by the Holy Spirit in everything he think and do. Bless all the people who will be involved in his life. Bless Dartmouth in helping him shape his future in the path where our Lord’s directing him. May the Lord bless our youth and their works.May the Lord ‘s face shine upon them and keep them away from any evil and harm through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  10. Prayers for our military arm forces, past present and future.esp. for the repose of the souls of our fallen heroes, who gave up their lives to protect our country.May they rest in peace with God. Prayers for their families and also for the sick, the needy and military personnel suffering from post traumatic stress.May our Lord Jesus heal them mind, body, and spirit. Amen. Thank you.

  11. Thanksgiving prayers.Please pray for my daughter Jasmine for the holy spirits guidance and discernment of her career choice. May God continue to bless her and her future.Prayers for authentic faith, hope, love and charity for all.Amen. Thank you.

  12. Prayers for our youth especially for those in young adults in college and their professors may they always seek the light from our Lord Jesus

  13. For ciara who is broken hearted and lonely after her break up with Liam and that she will find love peace and happiness and that she will find love peace and happiness and that she will meet a partner who will love and cherish her sacred heart of jesus pray for her amen

  14. Please pray that my son JR not have retina detachment but if he does that a miracle happen and it attaches itself without any surgery.
    That my granddaughter’s MT leg be healed soon / that swelling subside and that she may be recruited to Ft. Myers – that she may be able to play soccer well without any problems.
    That DR my young adult have willpower to quit smoking (please assist with prayers)
    quit drinking, dress appropriately, be healed from anxiety / panic attacks, graduate , find good paying IT job with good benefits and lose wt.
    Conversion for my 3 children and grandchildren . Thank you for prayers.

  15. Please pray for my sister Michelle that she has relief from her new diagnosis and can heal. For my children, that they remain faithful to our Lord. For my mother, who is in a nursing home that she receive loving and tender care when her children cannot be there with her. For my father, that he find strength. For my son, that he begin receiving acceptance letters to the colleges he has applied for (especially Dartmouth). Thank you for your prayers. Bless you.

  16. Please pray for my son Gaby. May the Lord watch over him during his bladder cancer operation on May 30th, for a successful surgery without complications during or after and for a quick miraculous recovery free of cancer so he may continue raising his family and meeting his new son in July. Thank you and Amen.

  17. Please pray for my son’s Gaby surgery on May 30th where he will undergo removal of bladder for cancer. Please pray that his surgery is a success that he has no complications during or after the surgery and for a rapid recovery and a life free of cancer to so he can meet his new son and guide his daughter and son to be born in the path to Jesus Christ.

  18. Please join me in prayer for my son Andrew that he may be guided by the Holy Spirit in his new relationship and career. May his health, spirit and character be strong. Prayers for kao that he may be filled with the light of Christ and praise the beauty around him. We need to pray that all his children know him, trust him and adore him.

  19. Father I thank you for everything. I ask for forgiveness of my sins. I pray that my visa interview on October 23rd may be a success and our visas granted to enable me travel to give birth. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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