Sophomore Summer 2020

A time of prayer & action.

At Dartmouth College, the rising junior class is invited to come together for the summer term following their second year of coursework, also known as Sophomore Summer. This term together is meant to be a shared experience of that class community, filled with meaning and fun. While this summer is distinct, AQ is still

scheduling programming for the sophomore class. This summer’s community events are a bit Benedictine inspired in that we’re focusing on ora et labora or “payer and work,” both of which inform the other and guide us in our faith. May our prayer life draw us closer to God and inspire just action and love for others.

Mass | Magnificat Mailing Program | Prayer & Mass Intentions | Weekly Rosary

See our page for more details.

  • Mass Schedule | This summer, Mass will be celebrated Sunday morning at 11AM. When weather permits, we will gather on the front lawn of our property. Please see our homepage for additional details.
  • Magnificat Mailing Program | Students are invited to sign up to receive a physical copy of The Magnificat by mail by filling out a simple form. See here for more information.
  • Prayer & Mass Intentions | Members of our community who would like to request a prayer or Mass intention can fill out our form. Blitz with questions.
Summer Book Club | Incoming Student Letters | AQ Student Blog | Service

See our page for more details.

  • Summer Book Club | Want to read with our community this summer? Check out our Summer Book Club page for more information or blitz to join to private Facebook group for discussion.
  • Incoming Student Letters | Contribute to the good and necessary work of hospitality this summer by writing letters to students of the incoming Class of 2024. Details to sign up are outlined in our listserv. Please see the student contact for details.
  • AQ Student Blog | All students are welcome to contribute to our blog this summer. Interested students should contact
  • Service | AQ is looking to create opportunities to serve our Upper Valley community this summer, including reaching out to those in isolation. Blitz for more information.