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“I was initially drawn to AQ because of all the amazing people, and I continue to go back because they have helped me to grow tremendously in my faith. When I’m at AQ, I feel like I never have to leave. I have my friends, the library and study room, kitchen and TV room, people to talk to if I need help, and most importantly, the chapel, where I can go anytime of the day to escape from the stresses of school and just be in the presence of Christ. Through all of the events at AQ, I have come closer to knowing Christ, while making amazing friends and memories along the way.

– Megan Faeth ’12

Every Monday night, Aquinas House hosts a community dinner for students, faculty and staff to come together in fellowship over a well-cooked meal. This is the main communal event of the week, but students also compete together on our intramural teams and regularly host game or movie nights at the center. On a fall or spring weekend, students can often be found over at Dartmouth’s shooting range. Recently, AQ has begun to host Acoustic cafes where students perform original music compositions or poetry. This has led to the formation of the “Peacock” society, an informal discussion workshop for writers and poets at AQ.