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Intellectual Life

“I want a laity, not arrogant, not rash in speech, not disputatious, but men [and women] who know their religion, who enter into it, who know just where they stand, who know what they hold and what they do not, who know their creed so well that they can give an account of it, who know so much of history that they can defend it. I want an intelligent, well-instructed laity”

– Cardinal John Henry Newman


The intellectual life is nothing but the extension of the Christian life. In Christ we have the Logos, the rational structure of all reality. The more we know and love Christ, the more we came face to face with the Truth. On a college campus especially, it is good for students to devote themselves to the intellectual life, not only as a means of devotion to and discovery of the Logos, but as a way to engage fully with the academic world without losing the Faith. Dartmouth is not hostile to Christian thought, but it does not provide it either, and the intellectual life at AQ exists to supplement—and, when necessary, correct—the College’s official curriculum. To that end, we offer lectures, preaching, and reading groups at AQ designed to feed our intellect with Christian truth. This term we are bringing in two noted Catholic speakers for our anniversary celebration, as well as offering a class on John Paul II’s encyclical Fides et Ratio. Students also lead a reading group on Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica.