Freshman Orientation at Dartmouth College is a busy time of transition for students. It is also an opportunity for them to explore their new home, including a place to worship. To help incoming students discover Aquinas House, our Outreach Committee is dedicated to reaching out to undergraduates even before they arrive on campus through a summer letter writing program in which current students contact the new class. AQ also hosts events during Orientation such as a trip into Hanover, a game night at AQ, and Welcome Back Mass before the first day of class.

The Emmaus Program

“Were not our hearts burning within us while he spoke to us on the way and opened the scriptures to us?”

LUKE 24:32

Following Jesus’ death and resurrection, Luke’s Gospel tells the story of two people walking together on the road to Emmaus. On their way, they encounter the resurrected Christ. Although they do not recognize him at first, the two come to know him in breaking bread with one another. These two individuals realize Christ’s presence when they come together and share a meal. Our hope is that in pairing two (or more) people together, they too may come to better know Christ with one another – through conversation, through shared experience, and (of course) through food. We know that freshman fall can be a busy time, so two official group events are

planned for that term: a beginning-of-the-term launch party at AQ and an end-of-the-term FoCo dinner with all the Emmaus Program pairs. Additionally, we encourage freshmen and their mentors to grab some meals together over the course of the term to get to know each other better. If they wish to go off-campus, AQ will provide each pair with gift cards for Morano Gelato. More than anything else though, an upperclassman mentor is someone who can help support new students and pray for them as they transition to life at Dartmouth, as well as help them to get involved at AQ.


Dartmouth College hosts accepted students each spring at a multi-day event called Dimensions. As a way of welcoming prospective students, AQ advertises our Mass schedule, current events during Dimensions weekends, and hosts a table at the Student Involvement Fair. All visiting students are invited to participate in the life of our community while they are staying on campus.

Are you a prospective student interested in learning more about AQ? Contact aq@dartmouth.edu to talk with our staff or current students.