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Sirius XM: AQ 50th Anniversary Broadcast

Sirius XM: AQ 50th Anniversary Broadcast

Fr. Gabriel Gillen, O.P. interviews Fr. Jon, Sister Louis Marie Flanigan and her brother Dr. Timothy P. Flanigan about their experiences at Aquinas House.







Sirius XM: AQ 50th Anniversary Broadcast:

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  1. So wonderful to hear interviews of my friends Tim and Sr. Louise Marie. I heartily agree with their descriptions of the atmosphere in those days. It was an oasis in what could be a very secular campus. No doubt that Stinson, Charles Wood and others on the faculty were lights. We were also fortunate to have Fr. Joe Devlin S.J. Both he and Fr. Bill were good preachers. I am sure that they influenced my desire to study theology and now to try to teach it.

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