“There’s No Vacation from your Vocation!”

“There’s no vacation from your vocation!”
There was a parish where I used to live that had an elementary school attached to it and every time the school was on vacation they had these words posted on their sign in front of the school.  The priest would then address the students during their weekly Mass and remind them that whether they are at rest or at play they can be at prayer and serve God! They never escape their vocation to love. I was so used to hearing this word, vocation, in the context of priests and religious. Everyone else doesn’t have a vocation, they are just laity (I also assumed that word meant lazy). One group of Christians served and loved and prayed, while the rest of us were served, loved, and prayed for by these holy people with vocations. Comical I know, but so easy to think and justify to myself. Holiness is for them over there in the robes and funny clothes, maybe even for the people with babies and growing children in their families, but not for me. I’m single, taking classes, enjoying my free time and leisure activities, laying around, reading, playing, working part-time, doing an internship, etc…
Over Spring Break don’t forget that whatever you do, do it with love. I didn’t know that I could start my day by offering everything I did, the chores, the errands, the leisure, the time with friends and family, the little instances of being annoyed with others, things not going my way, being disappointed, etc… as a prayer. I didn’t think God wanted those prayers, or even heard those prayers. Turns out it isn’t true, God wants all of you, cares about all of your day, and wants you to flourish with the gifts you’ve been given. This prayerful approach to loving others each day by the actions you take and the thoughts you think will bring change to your heart and glory to God. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes we forget. God understands that too, and is ready to help us get back up and to try again!
Don’t waste your break, have fun, offer to do a chore while you’re home to help your family. Take some time and notice what someone else in your family or circle of friends likes and do it with them or listen to a problem they have without trying to solve it, play, pray, and have fun!
“The glory of God is found in man FULLY ALIVE!” – Saint Irenaeus

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