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Welcome ’17s!

Welcome ’17s!

Welcome ‘17s!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Dartmouth, and welcome to the Aquinas House Catholic Student Center!  We’re looking forward to meeting you and sharing our experiences with the Catholic community on campus.  In addition to appearing at the Activities Fair, AQ will also be hosting two Dimensions events:

THURSDAY 7pm Pizza and Q&A about being Catholic at Dartmouth

Join our student leaders for an informal conversation about faith at Dartmouth.  Pizza will be provided!

FRIDAY 6-8pm Cookout, Cornhole, and Frisbee

Swing by the Catholic Student Center for burgers, tours of the center, and games.  Come get to know current Catholic students and your fellow 17s!

If you won’t be able to attend the Dimensions events, please feel free to contact either of us to arrange a tour of AQ or to get more information about faith at Dartmouth.

Hope to see you soon,

Anne Ressler (Anne.E.Ressler.14@dartmouth.edu) and Chris Hauser (Christopher.M.Hauser.14@dartmouth.edu)

AQ Dimensions Coordinators 

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