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Collaborative Almsgiving

Collaborative Almsgiving

By: Phil Gordon ’13

On Friday, February 15, the Dartmouth Knights of Columbus set up shop outside the Chi Heorot fraternity for their “Baby Drive”, which aims to raise money for needy mothers in the Upper Valley area.

Observing Lent’s restriction of meat on Fridays, brothers sold grilled cheese and hot cocoa to people going to and from the Dartmouth Men’s Ice Hockey game against Cornell.  The brothers of Chi Heorot were kind enough to let the Knights use the fraternity’s front porch and grill to make the grilled cheese and they also provided a table and materials to make a sign.

The members of the co-ed society, Phi Tau, also showed their support by lending a large pot and ladle and by donating a large stack of cups for the hot cocoa. The sale received a good turnout as the Knights raised a total of $150. Looking to the future, the Knights are hoping to repeat the sale in the Spring for Mother’s Day. They are also considering expanding to include more Greek houses.

Phil Gordon is the Vice President of Chi Heorot fraternity and the Warden for the Dartmouth Knights of Columbus.  He is a member of the class of 2013 and will be working in orthopaedic research at the Rothman Institute of Philadelphia next year.

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