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Dartmouth Knights Resurrect TV Room

Dartmouth Knights Resurrect TV Room

By: Blake Neff  ‘13

18 months ago, Dartmouth was hit by Hurricane Irene. While the administration distributed emergency food supplies to spare students the possibility of going hours without access to the food court, one of the places where the storm had a significant impact was Aquinas House, where she did a number on the downstairs TV room. The flooding led to a host of deadly molds developing, forcing the room to be shut down and its (extremely comfortable!) furniture junked.

The TV room remained dormant for over a year, until it was suggested this past fall that the Knights of Columbus take on the room’s renovation as a major service project. Perhaps against our better judgment, we accepted. Revamping the TV room has proven to be a formidable project requiring several hundred man-hours of work, with the difficulty exacerbated by the almost total inexperience we all have with home improvement projects.

Despite the difficulties, though, progress has been steady, thanks especially to the dedicated work of Knights David Ng and Doug Crockatt, who have put in the most hours and have by far the most applicable knowledge for the project.

Our goal was to complete the room in time for the AQ Super Bowl Party, which the Knights have hosted three years running. This did not quite come to pass, but we did install the new screen and projector, and the job was otherwise sufficiently completed that the party could go on as planned.

Like all great American holidays, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to eat a ton of meat, so we dug the grill out of storage and prepared an array of burgers, hot dogs, and brats for everybody.

Fortunately, the Super Bowl itself justified the 300-inch screen we were watching it on! After allowing a big Baltimore lead at the start, the Forty-Niners battled back and fell just short of completing the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. At the end of the game, many Ravens players thanked God, even though 1. God probably doesn’t care too much about the NFL, and 2. If He does, His favorite team is obviously Green Bay.

Blake Neff ’13 is from Sioux Falls, SD. He is a History major and the current Grand Knight of Dartmouth’s Knights of Columbus Council.

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