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SEEK 2013: The Jesus Question

SEEK 2013: The Jesus Question

By: Ellen Weburg ‘14

Through an incredible series of God-intended coincidences, supportive friends, almost-missed flights and a dash of prayer, Jacob Flores ’16, Robert Smith ’14, Fr. Jon, Fr. Chris, and Merissa Newton and I found ourselves at SEEK 2013 with 6,000 other college Catholics trying to figure out “What Moves Us”.

At a talk entitled “Satan Has a Plan for Your Life (Too)”, the last thing I was expecting was the Jesus Question. I assumed that it would be a nice little talk on St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises and that all questions about Jesus would be, well, rhetorical. Our attention was called to a scene in the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus asks his disciples two questions, the Jesus Question:

  1. Who do people say that I am?
  2. Who do you say that I am?

I realized that, while I knew plenty of things the world called Jesus, my answer to question 2 was something like “Well I’m Catholic so you know…”. I had no personal answer to that question. Pursuit of an answer radically shifted my experience of the entire conference.

The talks given by amazing individuals like Matthew Kelly, Dr. Edward Sri, Leah Darrow, Sr. Mary Gabriel, were not simply educational or spiritually edifying. It wasn’t just a chance to build my “leadership skills”. They gave me the inspiration and the tools necessary to begin seeking a deeply personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity.

SEEK 2013 blessed me not only with time for prayer and education, but with a passion for the Gospel and the God who made it that I hope I can share with others on campus.  While I may not fully know the answer to the Jesus Question yet, SEEK 2013 was instrumental in getting me looking for it.


Ellen Weburg ’14 graduated from Seaholm High School in Birmingham, MI. In addition to her activities at AQ, Ellen researches nanotechnology at DHMC, dances with the Chinese Dance Troupe, and is the UGA for Judge 4. She is studying Biomedical Engineering and Creative Writing.

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