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Evangelizing the Catholic Faith: The Beauty of God

Evangelizing the Catholic Faith: The Beauty of God

Part Four of series by Chris Wira

Each of us has been drawn into a wonderful relationship with God by which the gifts He has given us come to fruition.  Our lives evolve and the world around us changes.  Yet, through it all, the Faith remains immutable–ever ancient and ever new.  Even if we waver in our commitment to the Faith, God is still there for us, calling quietly and waiting patiently in love for us to return to Him.  God is always faithful.

Each of us has been made unique, with special talents and gifts.  While interacting with others about the Faith and God, I try to recognize what avenue of discussion will be most effective.  If someone has been created with an acute mind, Jesus’ Truth, coextensive with His Love, will be most easily recognizable through reason that is touched by Grace.  When someone is created with a prominent heart, God is initially encountered when they are overcome by compassion and mercy through a vibrant yearning to give their love to God and others.  If the soul is the loudest, God will be revealed in spiritual love rooted in contemplation and wisdom.

Each path has its joys and challenges.  Sometimes very smart people convince themselves through misguided logic that evil acts are the right path.  The gifts of the heart are often challenged by erroneous concepts of love and misguided affection by which we suffer the shackles of isolation.  For the soul, spiritual warfare can become quite daunting.  Regardless of the challenges and difficulties, in His Love we will find peace.

In God’s peace, we are able to more fully appreciate the personal and reflective gifts from God given to others and us.  These gifts can be helpful, and yet, due to human frailty, can occasionally cause confusion.  While some people easily recognize one set of gifts, others may not see the same clearly at all.  For example, an otherwise brilliant individual may find it almost impossible to fathom the spiritual gifts shared by St. Teresa of Avila regarding contemplation.  They may find such visual miracles to be completely intangible because of his or her angle on the matter.  Conversely, a person that has been barely educated may experience and express the great beauty found in contemplative prayer with ease.

It’s similar to how some people appreciate and excel in math, while others do so in music, cooking, athletics or another way.  As long as the basis for how we use our gifts exemplifies God’s love, each is good.

This diverse tapestry of humanity makes life all the more beautiful, and love more fully expressed.  As you and I reach out to others with the Good News of Jesus Christ, recognizing this beauty in each person’s gifts helps us to more effectively connect, and thus supply, what they need.

After speaking to others about our Faith many, if not most, voice some level of appreciation and happiness because they never knew the Catholic Faith was so rich.  They walk away with a new openness to God, and a new appreciation for the Church.  Our faith is one of beauty, and when shared, its splendor shines.  What we do in evangelizing is to help someone see the rose that lies within the mist.

What adds to the wonderment of Catholicism is the depth and breadth of what God has given the world.  An unbroken line of prophets and saints has brought God’s Word all over the world.  From Moses to Daniel, St. Peter to St. Faustina, all their teachings have been focused upon Jesus in one way or another. (For information on the life of St. Faustina see http://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/mercy/stfaust.htm and/or http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=510)  As is the case with these saints, we too are called to have an intimate relationship with God and others in love and service, where God continually builds our trust through the works of the Holy Spirit and His family in love.

Chris Wira grew up in Hanover, New Hampshire within St Denis Parish, earned an Economics Degree from the University of New Hampshire, and then moved to Los Angeles as a musician.  After recording seven albums, both classical and rock n’ roll, he has returned to the upper valley.  For a sample of a song of his about God’s love see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwsqpup3buQ&feature=channel&list=UL

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