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Evangelizing the Catholic Faith: It’s All About God’s Will

Evangelizing the Catholic Faith: It’s All About God’s Will

Part two of series by Chris Wira

God calls you and me to share His good news.  Trusting in His call, we need not worry about being “perfect” in our evangelical efforts.  Do your best fully confident that God will “do the rest.”  He has a plan for you and the people you reach out to.  No matter how much you or I speak to people about our Faith, we do not change people.  Rather, we trust and hope that God will touch their hearts.  Faith is a gift from God.  Our task is to help others actively receive the gift and thereby enter a loving relationship with God in a new way.

God is “all around us” every step of the way.  He is “behind us” picking us up when we stumble and fall, “beside us” giving us strength and stability, “in front of us” guiding us to people according to His will.  We do God’s will in various ways such as helping the sick, clothing the naked, feeding the starving to name but a few.  In doing so, we actually share the gift of our living Faith with others.  “If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.” (John 12:26)

By the power of our Faith, even our small conversations with others amount to a significant part of the journey.  God reveals Himself to people when He knows they will be most receptive.  Whether we are speaking with someone who has not yet felt God’s spark within or someone who has left the Catholic Church, our first goal is to help the person enter or re-enter a loving relationship with God.

Prayer is the most important part of this process.  If you feel God calling you to speak with someone, remember to say a quiet prayer before actually doing so.  During these conversations, especially at times when conversing becomes difficult or saddening, I have found it very helpful to look down and say a very brief prayer, asking God to help me with the right words, and to open the other person’s heart.  The prayer is so short and subtle that others don’t notice while at the same time feeling the good effects.

Whenever a discussion comes to an end, I find it comforting to have a conversation with God.  I ask for His input on what just took place and for His Love and Mercy to flow abundantly into the life of the other person.  I ask God if He is pleased with what I’ve have just done.  I also find time to say a Rosary for the person that God just placed in my path.

In the end, we do best by living in God’s Love as best we can.  Doing so reveals truth, mercy, and redemption unto eternal life.  This is appealing to all people regardless of any front they may put up.  Every person’s heart is made by Love, through Love, to Love.  Contrary to problematic influences ever ancient & ever new which bring us to isolation–a kind of imprisonment, Jesus liberates us by conquering death through His Love as evidenced by His merciful suffering and death unto His resurrection by which we are reunited with Him and with each other.  By evangelizing our Faith, we are ultimately successful by walking Jesus’ path.  Remember to trust God.

Chris Wira grew up in Hanover, New Hampshire within St Denis Parish, earned an Economics Degree from the University of New Hampshire, and then moved to Los Angeles as a musician.  After recording seven albums, both classical and rock n’ roll, he has returned to the upper valley.  For a sample of a song of his about God’s love see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwsqpup3buQ&feature=channel&list=UL.

One Response to “Evangelizing the Catholic Faith: It’s All About God’s Will”

  1. Thomas Conner says:

    Henry Makow has long expressed so well the dilemma we are facing… of the cancer eating away at the soul of society. In a recent article of his I found your comment which also contained the link to your music. I much appreciate your message set to profound music attesting so artfully in proclaiming God and His Love.
    Thomas Conner

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